Photos provided by Mrs. Terra Blecha

On Tuesday, February 20, Pawnee City Schools hosts the annual County Spelling Bee. The two schools that participated were Lewiston and Pawnee City, and the event was held in the auditorium. Students in grades 3-6 from both schools participated, and 7-8 graders from Lewiston competed in the third round.

The afternoon started with 3-4 graders competing. Placing first was Madison Hegemann from Pawnee City, second place was Shyanne Peck from Lewiston, and third place was Sophia Forke-Snyder from Lewiston.

For the second session, it was the 5-6 graders. Placing first was Cole Cumley from Pawnee City, second place was Liam Swendener from Lewiston, and third place was Taytem Simon from Pawnee City. 

There were quite a few people who helped to run the event.  Terra Blecha  was in charge of planning; Laura Bloss was the announcer; Lisa Mathewson, Angela Schmit, and Aeden Gyhra were judges; Stefanie Rauner and Lauren Moser were record keepers; Abbi Gyhra and Barb Helms were library monitors; and Abby Dietrich and Jesse McLaughlin were hallway monitors and greeters.  Carol Jacobs' 8th hour class helped to set up the stage and Derek Niss helped with stage lights.”

Terra Blecha commented, “Three students in each grade level from both Pawnee City and Lewiston Consolidated were able to attend. We ended up with 28 students participating: 12 contestants from grades 3 & 4, 10 contestants from grades 5 & 6, and 6 contestants from grades 7 & 8.”