On February 7, students attend a college visit to Wayne State College. When asked what her favorite part of the college was, Logan Maloley replied, “My favorite part about the college was the opportunities it had to aid you for your future career. It had an RHOP program for future med grads and RLOP for future law grads, which if you completed your college degree in this program, you get automatic acceptance into a grad school program.” When questioned what her least favorite part about the college was, she answered, “I didn't really like the town of Wayne. It didn't have many resources (people got their groceries at Dollar General). I also didn't like the weight room at the college. Very small.”

When asked what his favorite thing about the college was and if he would consider going there, Jesse McLaughlin responded, “I liked the range of clubs and club sports but also the affordability. Yes, I would consider going there.” He also said he didn’t like the weight room because it was small.

Thank you, Wayne State, for letting our students take the opportunity to explore your college.