Members of the band attend the annual conference at Lourdes Central Catholic on January 22. The schools that attended were Johnson-Brock, FCSH, HTRS, Lourdes Central Catholic, and Pawnee City. The clinician for the day was Dr. Jay Gilbert. After 40 years of teaching at Doane University as Director of Instrumental Music, he retired. While working at Doane, he led the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the Concert Band, and the Tiger Pep Band; he also directed the Blue River Community Band for 12 years. Dr. Gilbert received awards and recognition from Doane. His most recent achievement was receiving the Ardis Butler James Fellowship in 2019. 

When asked about what she thought about this year's conference band, senior Riana McAhon replied, “My favorite song to perform was Beyond the Darkness because it was upbeat and really fun. I also thought the conductor was really nice.”