Tyler Lannigan’s Senior Biography

By Kyle Kaster, Sophomore    
     Tyler Lannigan is the son of James Lannigan and Melissa Roland. He has one older sister Brenna Roland. Some of the activities Tyler enjoys are Trap Shooting and playing golf. He has been playing golf since he was 13 years old, it is an activity he enjoys with his father. After High School Tyler plans on joining the workforce. According to Tyler, “ I plan on working anywhere I can make money.”

Upcoming Events

Oct 23 - VB @ Lewiston w/ Friend 5:30 & 6:30 pm

Oct. 24 - SENCAP Students to SCC 

Oct. 25-28 - National FFA Convention

Oct. 25 - CLASS Leadership to HTRS 9:30 am 

Oct. 30 - VB Sub-District @ Southern

Oct. 31- NO Preschool

Nov 2 & 3 - No School Students - Marzano Workshop @ Cook for Staff

Nov 4 - JH to Rolla-Rena @ Beatrice 6:00 pm