Synthea Snyder’s Senior Biography

By Cassie Martin, Sophomore   
    Synthea Snyder is the daughter of Patricia and Kris Snyder and she has two sisters, Kayla and Shelbey. The athletic department at PCHS is where Synthea invests most of her time. She found her niche on the Volleyball, Basketball, and Track teams. She also finds time to volunteer in her community by delivering Meals on Wheels.
    Synthea remembers pretending to take naps so she didn’t have to go to computer class when she was in Elementary. One of her favorite high school memory is when her former classmate Angel startled her on her way out of the bathroom, she remembers  screaming and running down the hall.
    Synthea plans to attend Southeast Community College in Lincoln to major in Radiologic Technology. The reason why Synthea chose this program is because it's a good program with a lot of job opportunities and some classes can be completed on-line.

Upcoming Events
June 11-14 - Boys Basketball Camp
June 16 - Football Fundraiser
Aug 13 - Back-to-School Open Houses
Aug 14 - First Day of School