Summer Valdez’s Senior Biography
By Jade Parker, Sophomore   

     Summer Valdez is the daughter of Nicole and Robert Valdez, with siblings of Makayla, Gabby, and Robert Valdez. In the fine arts department is where Summer feels most comfortable, she is a crew member for play production and enjoys learning art techniques from Miss Hilger.
    Summer plans on attending the Creative Center College of Art and Design located Omaha Nebraska.

Upcoming Events

Oct 23 - VB @ Lewiston w/ Friend 5:30 & 6:30 pm

Oct. 24 - SENCAP Students to SCC 

Oct. 25-28 - National FFA Convention

Oct. 25 - CLASS Leadership to HTRS 9:30 am 

Oct. 30 - VB Sub-District @ Southern

Oct. 31- NO Preschool

Nov 2 & 3 - No School Students - Marzano Workshop @ Cook for Staff

Nov 4 - JH to Rolla-Rena @ Beatrice 6:00 pm