The Start to Another Successful Season

By Alexa Cline, Senior
     Pawnee City’s speech team competed at their second meet, the Beatrice Invite, on the seventh of February. While the team, unfortunately, did not place overall, several newer members did prove to be valuable additions, receiving some of the awards earned that day.
     Hayden Meyer, Grace Parks, Leslie Sommerhalder, and Mariah Willey placed 6th in OID, with a selection over newscasters and their search for Santa. Aiding them in this mission is the cyclone 8000, a new invention made to transmit Santa’s very location to them. The only problem? It doesn’t lead them to the big guy-- just another fake! Or, at least, that’s what they think.
     Pawnee’s next success came from Taylor Porter, who placed 6th in Poetry. Her speech is a collection of poetry about some of the harmful things society is teaching people. The first poem offers the audience instruction on how they should be acting, and the last two go on to elaborate how, exactly, society is training us to act poorly.
Another new addition, Logan Newman, earned some credibility when he placed 6th in Entertainment. Everyone knows what it feels like to have a bad day, but this boy takes it to the next level as he performs a piece about nature being specifically out to get, well... everyone. Be it through deceivingly cute bunnies or conniving little fish, Logan makes it clear that Mother Nature isn’t one to be trusted.
     Other excellent performances could be seen from freshman Jordan Porter and junior Callie O’Donnell. Jordan was awarded with top novice in Persuasive, and Callie with top novice in Extemp. This simply means that while they may not have placed, they were the best speech newcomer in their specified category.
     And finally, earning the highest ranking of the day was Carly Hunzeker with 1st in Informative. This senior had already proved in the last season that she could turn any supposedly boring topic into a mind-boggling lesson, when her speech over the number zero made it to state. Taking a similar approach this year, Carly has written a 1st place worthy speech over the color red. It may sound boring, but there’s a lot more to it than you’d think. As it turns out, red is a symbol for many things-- such as strength, marriage, and prostitution. It’s even played it’s share of roles in many different cultures and their traditions.

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