Hannah Davis’s Senior Biography

By Sabre Menninga, Sophomore           

    Hannah Davis is the daughter of Nancy and Joe Davis. She has attended Pawnee City since kindergarten and has made a lot of memories. Her favorite elementary memory was in fourth grade when the girls in her class said that they were going to start a band. They would sit on the silver monkey bars and decide who was going to play what. They even went as far as deciding the prices of instruments. In high school, Hannah participates in volleyball, basketball, track, one-act, speech, choir, showstoppers, band, jazz band and student council. The highlight of her high school career was receiving the outstanding actor award and winning State Runner-up in One-Act her junior year. English is her favorite subject which contributes to her success in Speech and One-Act.
    Hannah is very active in the community. She is a regular blood donor, participates in meals on wheels, and has done volunteer work for the post office garden. Hannah plans to attend UNL and major in Fashion Merchandising.

Upcoming Events
June 11-14 - Boys Basketball Camp
June 16 - Football Fundraiser
Aug 13 - Back-to-School Open Houses
Aug 14 - First Day of School