Alexa Cline’s Senior Biography

By McKenzie Goetsch, Sophomore

     Alexa Cline is the daughter of Jenni and Jeromy Domingus. She is involved in many activities in her community and school. Alexa is involved in the One Act crew and Journalism. She volunteers at the public library, she has given blood, and she has done the backpack program and is now involved in Meals On Wheels.  Alexa’s favorite Elementary memory was back in Missouri. It was when her mother worked at Pizza Hut and every Valentine’s Day she would go to her school with several boxes for her class. Alexa became very popular, and she normally got more pieces than the other kids, so as Cline said, “It all worked out great.”
Alexa plans to attend a four-year college. At this point, she is debating between the College of the Ozarks in South Missouri and Morningside, the latter of which she has already been accepted to. She wants to major in something that she can let her creativity flow. At this point, she is considering majoring in English, but she is keeping her options open.

Upcoming Events

Nov 22 - Dismiss 2:00 pm

Nov 23 & 24 - No School Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27 - Play Production Public Performance 7:30 pm

Nov 28 - District Play Production @ LCC

Nov 28 - JH BBB vs DO 2:00 pm

Nov 29 - JH BBB@ Sterling 1:30 pm

Nov 30 - Wrestling @ Palmyra 4:30 pm

Nov. 30 - BB @ DO JVG, JVB, VG, VB 4:00 pm

Nov. 30 - No Preschool

Dec. 1 - BB vs Frankfort JVG, JVB, VG, VB 4:00 pm

Dec. 2 - Wresting @ Conestoga Invite 9:30 am