24th Annual Skate Trip

By Cathryn Hollands, Sophomore   

      Junior High students would rather skate than dance. School dances were the Junior High activity in the 80’s. Mrs. Puls, the Junior High sponsor, organized dances in the Junior High hallway. In the Fall of 1990, Cindy Myers became the Junior High sponsor. Since students wanted a new activity, she decided to organize a skate trip instead. This year on November 8th, the Junior High went on their 24th Annual Roller Skating trip to the Beatrice Rolla Rena.

     The Junior High have been going on this trip for about 24 years. Mrs. Myers says, “The Junior High need a fun activity to look forward to each year.  It is an opportunity to have the students get together for a social outing.” Jacky Schultheiss said,” The highlight of my night was watching kids fall during the limbo.” Most of the kids had a good time rolling through the evening. Mallory Nider said,” I wish we could have the skating trip more often.”

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