Students Get Connected With Their Local Government

By Megan Wenzl, Senior        

      On Monday November 17, 2014 Mr. Shepherd’s Government class attended County Government Day at the Pawnee Courthouse. The PC seniors had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the local government by visiting the Elected Officials in the Courthouse, learning about their duties and using that information to compete against Lewiston in Jeopardy during the afternoon.
       To prepare for County Government Day, the Senior class researched the different county offices and wrote questions to help them study for the Jeopardy game. For this, they studied information about each department and what specific jobs that entailed.
      The day started off with the introduction of all the elected officials, the two senior classes were split into four groups and went on a tour of the courthouse. While visiting each of the County offices students learned about the duties of that position and the qualifications of the person elected to that office. This information was useful because the categories for the Jeopardy game consisted of District Court, County Assessor, County Sheriff and many others.  After the tour, it was time for the big competition of the day. It was time for Jeopardy where the Pawnee City Seniors took on the Lewiston Seniors. During the game, it looked like PC was going to lose but it came down to the final Jeopardy question…. “Who was the first governor of Nebraska?  answer David Butler. With the final Jeopardy question PC won the game with 340 points.
All of the seniors were served lunch  by the Legion Auxiliary, and finished the day with a mock trial. This year HTRS had two teams competing in the district competition, leaving the Pawnee and Lewiston students spectators to the two HTRS teams battling it out for a spot in the regional competition.The HTRS Senior team advanced to compete at regionals.

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