Observing, Evaluating, and Communicating Lead to Successful Livestock Judging

By Grace Parks, Sophomore         

     On November 12, 2014, the Pawnee City FFA took 2 senior and 3 junior livestock judging teams to SCC in Beatrice to compete. The teams participated in the judging of 7 classes. Which included classes of market steers, breeding heifers, breeding does, market lambs, breeding gilts, market hogs, and cull/keep heifers. Another part of the competition were the 3 questions classes, where they were tested on how well they observed the individual animals. There was also a test on basic animal production knowledge. The seniors had the added component of presenting oral reasons for three of the classes where they justified why they placed the animals the way they did. The Junior teams went to a Livestock judging clinic in the morning where they learned more about the judging process.
     Results for the PC Senior members: Sarah Smyth placed third overall. The other competitors did well, Leslie Sommerhalder placed 17th, Trevor Gyhra placed 20th, Clayton Branek placed 33rd, Hannah Meyer placed 40th, Grace Parks placed 44th, and Annie Cline placed 58th. There were 81 competitors in the Senior livestock judging competition.  The two teams placed 8th and 13th.
     As for the Junior PC livestock participants, Kaison Koester placed 6th, Clay Schaardt placed 9th, Aeden Gyhra received 26th, Trevor Kuhlmann received 36th, Miranda Branek placed 40th, John Mathewson placed 47th, Andrew Davis received 51st, Cameron Kalin placed 69th, Isaac Gottula placed 83rd, and Alex Gyhra finished 93rd. There were 99 competitors in the Junior Livestock judging competition. The three teams placed 6th, 8th, and 25th.  

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