The Seniors Pay Prison a Visit

By Alexa Cline, Senior

     Last Tuesday, October 7th, the Pawnee City High School senior class took a trip to visit the Tecumseh prison. The day was put together by English teacher Mrs. Meyers and intended to further the seniors’ knowledge of the prison system inside the U.S. Every year students are given the opportunity to tour the facility and then participate in a short Q&A with a few of the inmates, making this a unique opportunity many look forward to.
Upon arrival the class presented their photo ID’s, were scanned by a metal detector, patted down, and then separated into two groups (boys in one and girls in another). From here they were guided through many locations inside the prison such as the infirmary, visiting room, and the prison’s own version of solitary confinement. Fortunately, the inmates weren’t feeling particularly rowdy and only offered amusement or wise words of advice for the young adults. In fact, the majority of prisoners seemed to be on the road to rehabilitation.
     The speakers (both inmates) had each earned their GED’s while serving time and are currently working jobs inside the prison. The older of the two is also in the process of trying to introduce college education to their facility as well as ones similar to it. When asked for words of wisdom he was quoted saying “You can do anything you want. I dare anyone to try and stop you. They can’t.”
     These words hit hard with several of the seniors who hadn’t expected anything more than some time out of school. At the end of the day, it wasn’t simply knowledge of the prison system that was gained. It was also an insight into an entirely different perspective of life.

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