“What To Wear” at Pawnee City High School

by Shayla Wissler, Senior

    What does it really mean to be a member of student council? How does student council work in the school? Student council is the student government of the school, where students are able to voice their opinions, make changes, and improvements. To be a member of student council you must be elected by your classmates, just like when a person is elected to the City Council. Student Council tries to meet at least one Friday a month, but during the fall when they are planning Homecoming, it is every Friday. Student Council is responsible for overseeing all activities during homecoming week and the coronation.
    Every year student council decides on a project or an issue for the group to complete, this is something that the members are going to work on and complete the current school year. This year’s topics for discussion include addressing the dress code, youth sports programs, and help clean up a house in the community.  The dress code is an issue that some students feel needs to be addressed. Members of the Student Council reinforced the email Mr. Jacob’s sent out to students about the policy in the handbook.  The handbook does not specifically target a style of dress, but does say; dress and grooming will not be such to disrupt the teaching or learning process.
    During the Friday advisory the student council put on their own version of the show “What Not To Wear”. Members of the student council volunteered to model outfits that didn’t fit the guidelines, and how the same outfit could be modified to be school appropriate. Students explained why each outfit needed modified. Student council members also showed what the alternative outfit would be if they didn’t follow the guidelines.
    Throughout the school year the Student Council collects the recycle containers in each class and takes them to the City’s recycling center, the school has been recycling paper products for the last three years and has made a huge difference in the amount of paper going the the land fills.

Upcoming Events

July 24 - New Student Enrollment

August 7 - 12 Pawnee County Fair

August 7 - 1st Day Fall Sports Practice

August 14 - BOE Meeting 6:00 pm

August 14 - 17  Teacher inservice

August 17 - Student Council Blood Drive 12:00 - 6:00 pm

August 17 - Elementary Open House 6:00 pm

August 17 - 7th Grade Orientation 6:30 pm

August 17 - Computer "Bootcamp" for Parents 7:00 pm

August 17 - Parent Activities Meeting 8:00 pm

August 18 - First Day of School

August 20 - Band to Johnson County Fair