Coiling . . . a different way to look at paper.

By Paige Freeman, Junior     

     As the only member in my section of the Art 2/3 level class, Miss Tennal has given me the opportunity to explore whatever art projects I could possibly find. This semester while searching on the web, I came across a unique technique that looked like something fun to do. It’s a project that no one has done in class before.

     COILING. This is what happens when you swirl paper around something and get a swirl of paper or somewhat of a curl. With many days of class and a lot of a glue/water mixture and strips of paper, I was able to create one of my favorite art projects. It definitely wasn’t too easy, especially to try and get some of the “straight” pieces of paper to stand up. There are actually tools for coiling that some people do use. What I used was the end of a small paintbrush to curl the paper. It probably would have been easier to use the actual “tool” but either way works!

     I didn’t draw out a plan before I started – I just went with the flow of everything. Surprisingly, everything worked out okay. I was pleased with how it came out and look forward to maybe even purchasing actual coiling tools to use for projects in my future. I feel very fortunate to be able to explore and work with different art techniques.


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