Learn to LEAD

By Karli Cabrera, Sophomore

      With his charismatic attitude and a passion for leading, Aaron Davis taught many schools what being a leader meant. Playing at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, he knew first hand how one’s decisions could affect another. For many students, this message was easy to relate to, because he knew how we act and how easy it is to be pulled into the wrong crowd. Well, for one day at Peru State College, kids from many different schools, and eight students from Pawnee City, would get the chance to experience what being a leader was like.

      Putting together the LEAD conference, were several kids from the Johnson Brock and Auburn school areas. They set up three “break-out sessions”, where they would each discuss a topic and how being a leader fit into that topic. The first subject was Cyber-bullying, and how words can hurt and how technology has made it even more of an issue. A series of scenarios and videos was shown to explain how much pain bullying could cause.            

       Split up into groups, the students made their rounds to the next session, where one of the staff members explain LOA or Life of an Athlete. Started by John Underwood, LOA is a program that brings awareness to the everyday high school athlete about drugs and alcohol. The banner that states “1 night of drinking can erase 14 days of athletic training”, is put up in many different schools. John conducted a series of studies on the brain and other parts of the body to show how drinking or doing drugs can affect how your body responds to different tasks. This is a program that Pawnee City Schools would like to introduce.

        In the third session, the students learned about how to be a leader, verbally, and nonverbally. Several games would get the kids to express themselves and be leaders in their own ways. Communication is a big thing in the world today and they discussed how media, such as Facebook, and Twitter, can get a message across, or how simply talking can spread it as well. Soon after lunch, the techniques that the students were taught would have to be put to use back at school. Aaron Davis challenged each of the students to make a difference. The students ended their day by taking a tour of PSC.

        After just a day of the conference, it was hard to imagine that the things that were taught wouldn’t be put to good use. At the end of the day, each person in the room was a true leader in his or her own way, and that is something that can’t be taught.


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