Save a Life! Give Blood

By Karli Cabrera, Sophomore

       What does it take to save a life? You can be a surgeon, an organ donor, an EMT, or you could be an ordinary high school student or community member and saving a life could mean giving one pint of blood. Giving blood is so easy and it only takes about an hour of your time, the time needed to save a life.

     The Pawnee City Student Council will be hosting the annual blood drive Friday, March 30th.  The American Red Cross relies on the support of the American public in order to provide all services. Pawnee City is able to help with many of these services, by hosting several blood drives each year. On Friday, March 30th, at the United Methodist Church Poteet Hall, you can make an appointment to donate  blood to someone in need. Each year, nearly five million people need blood transfusions, and did you know that up to 20 percent of the total blood donated to the Red Cross comes from high school students? Blood drives not only provide blood supply, but it give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, and community service. 

     The Red Cross relies mostly on volunteers, and is supported by generous individuals and communities. They are the single largest supplier of blood products to different hospitals throughout the United States, they provide nearly half of the nation’s blood supply. The Red Cross provides blood to victims of disaster, trains millions in lifesaving skills, serves as a communication link between U.S military members and their families, and assists victims of international disasters or conflicts.

     If you want to schedule an appointment to donate blood, you can call Pawnee City Schools at (402) 852 2988, and ask for Mary Moser. The blood mobile starts at 9:00 and goes until 3:00 at the Pawnee City United Methodist Church Poteet Hall. Walk in appointments are also available. Giving blood is easy and you can be the one to save a life.


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