You Are My Sunshine…

By Karli Cabrera, Sophomore

        The Pawnee City Show Stoppers are once again selling their “Singing Valentines”. The group has been doing this fundraiser ever since the group was started. They go around the town of Pawnee City delivering bags of candy or flowers, depending on the preference of the buyer, and singing a love song to each individual.

       Every member of the group could say that this is one of their favorite events of the year for the Show Stoppers. “Getting out of school to just sing to people is awesome, said Courtney Mathewson.”

       The group will be selling until the 11th and each Valentine is 10 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for students. So anybody who would like to show someone how much they care should talk to one of the Show Stopper members to buy one or download the form on the website.


Upcoming Events

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Nov. 16 - JH BBB vs FCSH 4:00 pm

Nov 18 - JHBBB @ HTRS Invite 9:00 am

Nov. 18 - PC Play Production Festival 9:00 am

Nov 22 - Dismiss 2:00 pm

Nov 23 & 24 - No School Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27 - Play Production Public Performance 7:30 pm

Nov 28 - District Play Production @ LCC

Nov 28 - JH BBB @ DO 2:00 pm