You Can Be a Lifesaver By Learning CPR!

By Megan Gyhra, Junior

        For several years Mr. Strong has had the 9th grade health class learn CPR. It’s a skill the students need to learn to save someone’s life. Brandon Willey and Heidi Hinrichsen are part of the Pawnee County Ambulance and EMT squad, and they volunteer their time to instruct the freshman on First Aid, and teach them how to do the basics of CPR. Brandon and Heidi show the students the proper ways of CPR.  

      The reason that Mr. Strong has the freshman learn CPR, is because they have Health and P.E, and if they learn it now they may be able to use what they learned earlier. They also learn First Aid and how to use the fibulator, which is located in the lunchroom, if it is needed. The freshman get to practice on Annies, and on infant Annies. Mr. Strong thinks the classes are excellent. He appreciates the professional help from the EMT squad at the hospital. They get to share with the students their real experiences, and how it feels to have the opportunity to save a life everyday.

       Brandon Willey also enjoys showing the opportunities of being an EMT. If anyone was thinking about being an EMT or joining the ambulance squad, they can take the steps of being a EMT by starting with learning CPR.

       Mr. Strong feels that the freshman class did an excellent job working with Brandon Willey and Heidi Hinrichsen. All the freshman got their certifications in CPR and First Aid, which will last up to 2 years.

       The freshman enjoyed learning CPR. According to Carly Hunzeker, “the class was informative and helpful,” and also Hannah Davis stated “The class is helpful for when somebody is in a situation where someone needs CPR and needed help right away, they wouldn’t have to panic and they would know exactly what to do.“ Mr. Strong said if the freshman experienced the situation where somebody needed CPR and needed help, the freshman could work together and support each other, and help the person that needed help. The freshman did a great job this year and this is an activity that Mr. Strong plans on continuing, so there are many more freshman that are going to get to experience this class.


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