Serious, OID, or Informative?

By Karli Cabrera, Sophomore

        Speech is starting up once again this year and many of you may not know what each category involves when you visit a speech meet. In the Pawnee City School speech team, each member chooses his or her category that really fits what emotion or different emotions that they are best with. For instance, if you have a sense of humor, you would most likely do well in humorous or entertainment. Or, if you like to argue, you would do well in persuasive. I’ll go through each category so that you may have a better understanding when you attend a speech meet.

        In Serious or Humorous prose, the name means just that. Serious means that you choose a script that either makes the audience cry or really angry or compassionate. Making your emotions ten times more dramatic will help you as well. In humorous, you want to choose a script that is funny and will make the audience laugh. The requirements for each of these categories are that, the script cannot be past ten minutes and usually by district competition, competitors should have their script memorized, along with an introduction.

        In other categories like duet or OID, scripts can be either serious or humorous. They require more than one person and an OID requires more than two. These categories are much more popular, because each character can do so much more with the part that he or she has. In OID the script can be memorized, but it must be in front of each competitor. In duet, however, the script must be memorized and props are available for their use.

        Some categories are not as popular as an OID or a duet. These include, poetry, informative, and persuasive. Poetry is a speech taking different several poems and connecting them into one theme. Most people try to stay away from poetry like rape, cancer, or death. The transitions are most important. In Persuasive is trying to convince your audience to agree with your topic. These speeches are ten minutes long and do not include visual aides. Good topics are ones that can be debated. And in the last category, informative, is a speech telling about the history of most common items. A quality of a strong speech is having creative and functional visual aides.

        Many kids have been involved with speech every year, because it is one way they can express themselves, and where, “talking to the wall” is ok. Ms. Ebmeier is very excited for speech this year she says, because there are many new faces coming in to show their talent.


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