You want me to get my cell phone out in class??


By Jill Nightingale, Junior

     In some schools they do not allow cell phones in class, but at Pawnee City School the teachers are allowing us to use our phones in History class.

     We used to just type our notes on our laptop, but when we got back from Christmas break things changed a little. Our Principal Mr. Jacobs wanted our history teachers, Mr. Ford and Mr. Shepherd, to try something different. The teachers will allow us to use our phones during notes. We have to answer a question by texting in our answer to a number, then the teachers could go to the question and see how many people got the right answer.

     Basically how this works is that the teachers go to the web site called and the teachers have the ability to set it up with two choices; you can go directly to the website and submit your choice or you can text your answer. After you answer the question it gets sent right away to the web site and all the teacher has to do is click on the question he asked and it will give the percentage of what the student's answered.

     When asking one of the students if they like the new idea Jocelyn Fisher replied. “ I love the idea that we get the opportunity to use our phone during class to answer questions, it’s like we are getting some freedom, but at the same time learning.” The American History teacher, Mr. Ford  said, “I like the idea of using phones in class, it is a cool way to keep students engaged with the material. If everyone misses a question then I know that I have not covered something very well.” Mr. Jacobs said “I want to try a new technology that the students use. He said if it’s there then why not use it. In a way it does give them freedom but not freedom where they can be texting whoever during that hour.”

      This is an awesome idea for the kids to use. It helps the kids do something different, and gives the students a break from taking notes all the time.


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