Honor Roll
Honor Rolls will be published at the conclusion of each nine-week grading period and at the conclusion of each semester. There will be an “Honor Roll,” and an “Honorable Mention Honor Roll.”
To qualify for the Honor Roll students must carry 5 honor roll eligible classes. All required classes are honor roll eligible along with all elective classes except Band, Chorus, Work Study, and Weight Training.
Scholastic requirements are: Honor Roll 94.0 to 100% and for Honorable Mention, 90.0 to 93.9%.

Check out the Students who were made honor roll:

Second Quarter Honor Roll

1st Semester Honor Roll

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Jan. 15 - BOE Meeting 6:00 pm

Jan. 15 - JH GBB vs LCC 4:00 pm

Jan. 16 - Wrestling @ Rock Port 5:00 pm

Jan. 16 - BB vs HTRS 4:00 pm (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)

Jan. 16 - Sophomore Taco/Enchilada Supper 5:00 pm

Jan. 16 - Bounce to the Beat - halftime GV

Jan. 19 - BB @ FCSH 5:00 pm (JVG & JVB same time, VG, VB)

Jan. 20 - JV BB @ FCSH Invite 9:00 am

Jan. 22 - JH GBB vs Sterling 2:00 pm