Ashlee Droge’s Senior Biography

By Paige Freeman, Junior 

            Ashlee Droge is known for her artistic talents here at PCHS. She plans to attend Peru State College for Photography and Graphic Designing after she finishes up her senior year. Hobbies of hers include taking pictures, hunting, fishing, spending time with friends and family, and playing volleyball and basketball outside of school. She is involved in Journalism, Basketball and possibly Speech this year.

            Like the other seniors in her class, Ashlee has some great memories of her years here at Pawnee. Her most vivid memory is the daily even yearly arguments she would have with Garrett Borcher. Because their lockers are assigned alphabetically, Ashlee and Garrett have been beside each other since Junior High. Garrett, according to Ashlee takes up a lot of room when he gets things from his locker so she can never get hers open. So the arguments begin. In elementary school, she remembers always playing house underneath the swing set and also having a food fight at the park.

            Ashlee is an only child and quotes that she loves every single minute of it because she is surrounded by such a big family which include aunts, uncles, cousins, her dad, Gary Droge, and also her mom, Kristina Rinne.


Upcoming Events

Jan. 15 - BOE Meeting 6:00 pm

Jan. 15 - JH GBB vs LCC 4:00 pm

Jan. 16 - Wrestling @ Rock Port 5:00 pm

Jan. 16 - BB vs HTRS 4:00 pm (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)

Jan. 16 - Sophomore Taco/Enchilada Supper 5:00 pm

Jan. 16 - Bounce to the Beat - halftime GV

Jan. 19 - BB @ FCSH 5:00 pm (JVG & JVB same time, VG, VB)

Jan. 20 - JV BB @ FCSH Invite 9:00 am

Jan. 22 - JH GBB vs Sterling 2:00 pm