Do You Hear What I Hear?

By Katie Mai, Sophomore

     The Vespers program is the annual Christmas program at Pawnee City High School. It consists of performances from many different musical groups throughout elementary, Jr. High, and High School.

     Many different age groups throughout the school performed in the Vespers Program on Sunday, December 11th. Jazz Band played “Feliz Navidad”, 5th grade played “Jingle Bells”, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade came together and played “A Christmas Proclamation”, 6th and 7th grade band played “Deck the Halls with Chips and Salsa”, and the High School band played “Merry Christmas to All.” Mrs. Veleba is the band teacher at Pawnee City Schools. When asked why she chose the songs she did for the program, she said that she chooses her songs based on the ability level of her students, and whether or not she thinks the students will enjoy the songs. The choirs and other small groups also performed at the Vespers Program. Show choir performed “Born This Way”, “Imagine”, and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” Karli Cabrera, Hannah Davis, and Savannah Nider all had solos in these songs. The High School choir sang “Angels’ Gloria” and the Jr. High choir sang Calypso Lullaby. Joel Cabrera and Trevor Gyhra had a duet in this song, along with Lupita Martinez and Mariah Willey. These are a few of the songs performed by the bands and choirs, along with many others.

     When talking to the students that performed at the Vespers program, most agreed that they enjoyed singing and performing Christmas songs. “It filled my heart with Christmas,” commented Paige Freeman, junior. “I enjoyed performing in jazz band the most because of the cool music we got to play,” said Sam Laue, senior.


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