Starting a Successful Basketball Season!! 

 By: Junior, Megan Gyhra 



     The boys are doing a great job this year. Their record right now is 4-0. They defeated Diller-Odell (50-22), Frankfort (44-36), Tri County (77-46), and Craig/Fairfax (82-18). Even though they are having a successful season, they still have some things they need to work on.

     Mr. Colvin feels that the boys have great potential and are going to have a great year. They are working hard in practices, working on their fundamentals, and working on getting better after each game. But what he feels they need to work on would be their defense. “The boys need to get better defensively if they want to accomplish their goals” stated by Mr. Colvin.

     The team even feels that they are doing a great job, but they do think that they need to improve all things also. Like cutting down turnovers, using more teamwork. Erik Osborne, senior, “knows how good we can be and that they are working on getting better.”

     The team is using the success they had in football as momentum into their basketball season. This week the Indians face the Sterling Jets on Friday December 16th. Continue keeping up the good work, and working hard as a team.  


Upcoming Events
June 11-14 - Boys Basketball Camp
June 16 - Football Fundraiser
Aug 13 - Back-to-School Open Houses
Aug 14 - First Day of School