68 Years of Tradition

By Caetlen Gyhra, Junior

     This past week was National FFA week. This event takes place in chapters all over the country. However this tradition didn’t start out as FFA week, it began as FFA day. At the 1933 National Convention, a steward of Montana requested the floor and suggested having a special day to recognize Future Farmers. After some discussion and suggestions a motion was made and passed, starting in 1934 Chapters would celebrate Future Farmer Day. Later in 1947, it was changed to a week-long tradition, starting on George Washington’s birthday in recognition of his legacy as a farmer and agriculturist.
   National FFA Week is a great opportunity for FFA members to educate people about agriculture and what FFA is all about. This week helps members share on a local, state, and national level what FFA is and the impact it has on members. Chapters hold several different events each day of the week to make learning about FFA and agriculture fun. The Pawnee Chapter designated Monday as T-shirt day. FFA members showed off the unique design voted on this year. The camo design with the catchy saying on the back “If they can’t see us, they can’t beat us,” was the idea of several senior boys.
Tuesday was all about the blue. Members exhibited the official FFA jacket that has been a part of official dress since 1930.
     Wednesday was many people’s favorite day. The petting zoo consisted of pigs, dogs, a lamb, rabbit, a duck, and a calf provided by FFA members. The petting zoo is a great place to educate kids what farm life is like and how to care for farm animals.
Thursday was the annual teacher appreciation breakfast. FFA members got up extra early to make pancakes and bacon. Mrs. Taylor stated “The FFA breakfast is one of my highlights of the year. Thanks to Mr. Bloss and the FFA, you always do a great job, and I really appreciate their thoughtfulness. Can we have it more than once a year?”
     Friday was the last day of FFA week. Members finished the busy week with the Shop Olympics. This friendly competition involved dragging a palate across the floor, carrying a rock over plywood, flipping a tire, stacking some wood, and navigating a wheelbarrow through a tunnel of tables. Trevor Gyhra assisted in setting up the games. He stated “The best part was having to figure out what was going to be in it and planning what the prize was going to be.”

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