Conference Champs!

by McKenzie Goetsch, Sophomore

     The speech team had a very successful day at the Conference meet in Nebraska City. The team took home the Pioneer Conference Championship. Ann Cline exclaimed, “I honestly was surprised when they called our names for first. It definitely gave us momentum for Districts.” Julia Schultheiss and Ann Cline’s duet placed first at Conference. Their speech is about The Brother Grimms Spectacular-thon. The girls act out various fairy tales within 12 minutes. They switch from Cinderella, to Repunzel, to Hanzel & Gretel. Macey Gyhra place 2nd in Entertainment at Conference. Her speech is about stalking people, Macey demonstrates multiple ways to stalk her target and how to not be noticeable.
    Other people who placed at Conference include: Julia Schultheiss ~ 5th in Humorous. Ann Cline ~ 2nd in Humorous. Hannah Davis ~ 1st in Serious and 4th in Poetry. McKenzie Goetsch ~ 2nd in Serious.Joslyn Sharpe ~ 5th in Poetry. Macey Gyhra ~ 2nd in OID. Logan Newman ~ 6th in Entertainment. Alyssa Cline ~ 2nd in Persuasive. Abby Mathewson ~ 2nd in OID and 4th in Persuasive. Sarah Smyth ~ 3rd in Informative.Carly Hunzeker ~ 1st in Informative and 2nd in OID. Caetlen Gyhra ~ 6th in Extemp. Kellen Habegger ~ 2nd in Duet and 2nd in OID. Steven Bruns ~ 2nd in Duet and 2nd in OID.

     District speech takes place on March 17th at HTRS. There are multiple groups and individuals that are expected to make State again this year. Seniors, Carly Hunzeker, Hannah Davis, and Alyssa Cline are expected to return to State again this year.

Upcoming Events
Dec 6 - JH BBB vs Sterling
Dec 7 - BB vs Parkview
Dec 8 - BB vs JCC
Dec 8 - JH BBB @ FCSH Invite
Dec 10 - JH BBB @ JB Invite
Dec 11 - BB @ Lourdes
Dec 14 - BB @ Sterling