Alternative Legal Fun

Grace Parks, Sophomore

     For those of you who get the Pawnee Republican you might have noticed the recent article on teen drinking and other alternative legal fun. Underage drinking affects everyone. It is also something that needs to be talked about openly and honestly. It’s important that the teenagers know the consequences and that there are other options. Peer pressure is a major influence in underage drinking, so it’s important to learn how to say no. It is also important to stay out of the type of situation that could get you into trouble.
     A couple years ago the student council had a lot of ideas regarding alternative fun. Students put on multiple activities that were legal and fun. The council put on the Drug and Alcohol free walk for several years. The walk would start at the old library and end at the school track. They handed out t-shirts and had food and fun set up at the track.  They also had nights where they would get together and watch movies on the weekends. The interest for these types of activities just died out. There has to be someone trying to change things for them to be changed.  High school students are usually involved in after school activities so the weekdays aren’t the problem, the weekends are.
     When teacher Taylor Baumert was in high school the student council decided to create the Pawnee PAC. The PAC stands for Prevention Action Coalition. Mr. Baumert stated that “initially it was a success and they had a great turnout at their first community event, the walk away from drugs and alcohol.”  Unfortunately it was never the same after that, the students had great ideas they just didn’t have the ambition to follow through. Even with the lost interest Mr. Baumert thought the Pawnee PAC was a great idea. “Everyone had a role in the success and it wouldn’t have worked without everyone pitching in. With that being said unless we can reach that same dynamic, it’ll be hard to recreate anything like it.”  
     It’s time for the students of Pawnee City to step up. They need to start taking responsibility for their actions. With that being said instead of complaining they should start doing something about the issues.

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