Ebooks Now Available

By Caetlen Gyhra, Junior    

     The Pawnee City School Library now has Ebooks available for both entertainment and research purposes. The school pays for reputable databases that students have access to for research projects. The most recent purchase of electronic services is Ebooks, which are for pleasure reading.  Accounts have been made for all Pawnee City students grades 6-12.  If you are a parent of an elementary student K-5, who wants your child to have access, go to the Library Media Center website, which can be accessed from the school website.  Go to the  “Books” tab and fill out the “Ebooks Request Form” so that an account can be made for your child.  Then, look at the “Directions for Downloading Ebooks” for do-it-yourself guidance.  If you need assistance, contact Lori Gyhra at lgyhra@pawneecityschool.net or call the school at (402)852-2988.

     Once accounts have been made, any student who owns an electronic device, including school computers, and has access to the internet, can download Ebooks for free.  First, go to the app store and install the Blio app.  For Macs, you will have to download Adobe Digital Editions.  Next, find a book you want to read that is available.  Go to the school website and then the Library Media Center page.  Click on the “Books” tab at the top of the page, and choose either the Elementary or the Middle-High School Collection, depending which collection you have been made an account(s) for.  Find a book that’s available, and then check it out.  If you’re using a Mac device, check out books in ePub format.  For everything else, check out books in Blio format.  PDF format can be read from all devices but doesn’t look as nice.  You will then be prompted to log into your Library Card account and then to your Blio Account.  After the book you want is checked out, you may download it and read.

      The school has also purchased many different electronic sources for research purposes, such as SIRS Researcher, SIRS Discoverer, World Book, EasyBib and the Gale Virtual Reference Library. To access these sources go to the Library Media Center web page and then click on the “Resources” tab at the top. You will need a password that you can also get from the School Library Media Center.


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