Students Experience Poverty

By Caetlen Gyhra, Junior   

     The Pawnee County SENCA held the fourth annual Poverty Simulation in the Poteet Hall for the Juniors and 8th graders on Wednesday, November 26. The event started with a pre-test then moved to the simulation. The goals of the simulation are to educate people on poverty in our country, and give them a first-hand view of those struggles. It also informs students of all the different resources available to people in need. Devon Gilmore said, “I thought it was a fun way to learn and it kept us listening.” Pam Armknecht, who puts the simulation together, wants students to come away with a better understanding of poverty, and how to stay out of that situation. Mikaila Engelken said, “I learned that as an adult, you need to be organized and prepared for whatever life has to throw at you.”
     Poverty is a growing problem in our country. Of the 318 families with children under 18 in Pawnee County, 16.7% or 53 families are under the poverty line. SENCA is a great resource for families in need. They offer many services that are aimed at the reduction of poverty, the revitalization of low-income communities, and the empowerment of low-income families and individuals to become self-sufficient. Some of their services include weatherization, affordable housing, transit, head start, backpack programs, financial literacy and many more. Last year SENCA served 4,974 families with all the services they offer. To learn more about SENCA and their many services go to

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