Life Changing Story Influences High School Students?

By Paige Freeman, Junior

     On Wednesday, September 28, Keith Becker came to PCHS not only for an assembly during the day with the students, but also for a public assembly that evening at 7pm. The Todd Becker Foundation was created following the death of an 18 year old high school student, Todd Becker, in the spring of 2005.

     Keith Becker, who is now a public speaker shares his younger brother Todd’s story. So far, Keith has shared this story with over 50,000 high school students. Todd Becker was in an alcohol related car accident his senior year in high school. The way that Keith tells Todd’s story is in a way that can relate to almost every person – it’s a story about making choices. Although it is a very sad story, it is also informative. It makes students take into consideration where their life is headed and what road they’re choosing to follow.

     Since 2005, the assembly has been presented to over 200 high schools across the Midwest. Along with the assembly/story, there are graphic videos, stunning audio, and music from the Christian band, “Chye.”  

     The assembly on Wednesday afternoon was open for all high school students along with high school teachers as well. As Keith unraveled his impacting story, there were points in time where you could without a doubt hear a pin drop on the gym floor. Sometimes people think to themselves, “That would never happen to me,” but Keith reassured everyone that unfortunately, it can. Throughout the entire assembly there was the subject of the narrow and wide roads in our lives. Keith explained that even though the wide road in life is easy to take, it’s the road that we need to choose to stay away from. He encouraged each and every one of us to choose the narrow road – or as Keith called it, “The way to life.” “I do think that it impacted a lot of kids. I know that because of how many emotions it brought out of people,” stated senior, Cheyney Rohlmeier.

     In the evening, the assembly was presented again and was open to the public. The evening session included a lot of the religion aspects compared to the school assembly where Keith couldn’t really show that because of state laws. Sophomore Courtney Mathewson said, “In the evening session, it was cool to see how religion tied into his story.”

     Throughout the story, the pictures that were shown, the music that was performed, the emotions, and the lives that were changed, Keith Becker presented an assembly that came with a choice. It gave our school and our community a chance to think about the decisions we make to better our lives.

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